biology and lifting heavy things

hey there. my name is Chelsea. i'm 20 and i'm a college senior trying to lose weight the healthy way. i love to lift, run, and play quidditch with my team! (my main tumblr is wittering-on)

height: 5'7"
starting weight: 215
current weight: don't know, don't care!
goal weight: strong as hell

i just wanted to do a calf appreciation post. my calfs (calves?) have always been huge. one of the curses of being a lifelong tennis player. i used to hate them and i took them for granted. at the end of my long period of immobility and broken bones my left calf was the size of my wrist and i was suddenly wanting my monster calf back. now i love my calves (CALFS?!?!?!) ¬†gastrocnemius’ because they can take me anywhere and do anything! :D¬†

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